Wednesday, February 27, 2019

About Türetgeç App

Türetgeç is a Turkish word game which is quite popular among people in Turkey. Currently, its allows you to play with your friend in the same device or play with the computer. There will be an online playing system for the future with a login authorization system.

Here are the rules;
1- The game is played with two people. The system selects a random letter at the beginning of the game. Try to derive a 2-letter word. The estimated time in the game is 3 minutes in both players.
2- After the player has found the appropriate word, the other player tries to derive new words with the last letter of the word.
3- If two players derive the word in a certain number of letters, the word length is increased by 1 letter.
4- Each letter in the game has a score. The score range for letters is between 1-10. The player gains points by summing up the remaining time, multiplying points of used letters and the length of the successful word.
5- If the word ends with Ğ, the new tour continues with the previous letter. The player who finishes with Ğ wins 2 times points.
6- The player is given 10 penalty points if he cannot make the prediction during the given time.
7- If there is no word with the letter coming during the tour, the game is continued by giving another letter in the same difficulty.

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